Talent Dynamics – what is it?

Talent Dynamics – what is it?

„Just be yourself, anyway that you want to. Just be yourself, anyway that you can” – I remember this song played by Morcheeba, that was on MTV commercial in the early 2000’s. I liked it, but I underestimate the power of those lyrics. I had no idea that being yourself is the easiest and shortest way to success for everyone. My way of thinking changed when I was introduced to Talent Dynamics and Wealth Dynamics.

What is Talent Dynamics?

According to it, people can be divided into eight groups of characters.

Talent Dynamics

Creator – very creative, having many ideas, having problems with finishing anything.

Mechanic – great at finishing and making systems, but with a tendency to perfectionism.

Lord – needs to know everything and sees many details that others miss.

Accumulator – always prepared but not good at delegating.

Trader – great at buying low, selling high, but it’s not creative.

Deal Maker – brings people together, got caught up in details.

Supporter – the best team leader, can’t decide what to do.

Star – likes to shine, good at motivating people, can be overpowering.


What type are you?


To determine your type, you have to take the test. It costs 97$ and you can take it at http://talent-dynamics.com/. To be honest, I didn’t do it. I did it another way instead:


  1. I went to https://www.geniusu.com/ and signed up for a free account.
  2. I made the test on https://www.geniusu.com/missions/15/steps/1
  3. I got Dynamo Genius. Then I looked at the square above and narrowed my possible types to three: Mechanic, Creator and Star.
  4. I had found detailed descriptions on the Internet, read them and decided myself which type I am.


Looks too hard? For me, it was pure fun! But if you’re different and you don’t want to spend 97$ either, ask somebody close to help you. In return, you can do the same. It’s easier to be someone else’s mirror and tell them what type they are than to do it alone.


Here are other descriptions:





Deal Maker



Next time I will write about what to do when you know which Talent Dynamics type are you and what type I am!